CCTV Request

by submitting a request you are agreeing to comply to all rules

  • Only the live stream is available to member accounts. Recorded video is not available.
  • The system is accessible only during the club’s open hours, to permit nightly offsite backup.

The surveillance server has limited bandwidth. Therefore:

  • Each session is limited to 5 minutes. After viewing for 5 minutes, you will be automatically logged out. You will be prompted to reconnect if you wish to continue.
  • Each member account is limited to 120 minutes total viewing per day.
  • Please report any errors or abuse to the Building Manager.
  • Accounts that abuse the system will be disabled.
  • Members are advised that all activity is logged.
  • Access to the CMRS surveillance system is for the private, personal use of CMRS members only, Capturing, reposting online, or streaming online is expressly prohibited.

Password Update: complete the form and say "yes" to having a accout